Wesco Slim-Line Waste Bin -19L Grey Hinged Door, 210mm Deep Cabinet

£61.99 incl. VAT

The under the counter Wesco Slim-Line Waste Bin -19L Grey is door mounted so the bin swings out as you open your hinged door cupboard.

Built-in measurements: H470 x W410 x D210mm (allows for lid rising on door opening)

For very shallow spaces – often used under kitchen sinks or in bathrooms.




Brilliant, great service thank you Lucy F

  • 1 x 19L inner bin
  • Colour: Grey
  • For cabinets with hinged doors (left or right opening)
  • Lid lifts as you open the door
  • Open your cupboard door, and bin swings out
  • Fits standard cabinet¬† external width: 450mm
  • Built-in space required: H470 x W410 x D210mm
  • Materials: good quality plastic
  • Bin easy to remove and clean
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

NB When installing in an “in-frame” kitchen, all measurements should be taken from the edge of the frame and not the edge of the cabinet to allow for clearance.


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Automatic Bin Lid Opening