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How to Choose an In-Cupboard Bin

Step 1 – Decide whether you want a Single Fitted Bin, or a Multi (Recycling) Bin system with several internal bins.

Step 2 – Measure the external width of your cabinet, and its internal dimensions (width, depth and height). Remember to allow for any pipes or plugs etc which reduce the space available. Remember, too, that if you have a framed kitchen cabinet, this will reduce the size of the opening through which your bin will put out. So use the size of the framed opening as your available internal width and height even if you have more space than this within the cupboard.

Step 3 – Decide which type of cupboard door you want, hinged door or pull out door (see images below). Your choice may change depending on whether you have an internal depth of less than 503mm. Most multi (recycling) bins for pull out doors require a depth of 503mm. Multi (recycling) bins for hinged doors are shallower depth. Single bins also have a shallower depth. You can browse by Short Depth Cabinet Multi (Recycling) Bins if this is your key criteria.

Hinged Door
Pull Out Door

Step 4 – Browse the bins according to the external width of your cabinet (eg In-Cupboard Bins, Multi (Recycling) Bins, Pull out Door, 600mm Wide Cabinet).

Step 5 – Choose a model you like but remember to check each model’s Built-In Dimensions against your own internal dimensions you measured in Step 2. The Built-In Dimensions are the area each bin system needs to fit inside your cupboard and when it is pulled open.

Step 6 – This step is for Pullboy Z with Tandembox Antaro bins only. These bins require a Blum Tandembox Antaro drawer system in order to be installed. The Tandembox supplies the runners, drawer sides and back which fit around the frame of the bin and enable it to be pulled in and out of the cupboard. Some customers already have a Tandembox Antaro drawer and do not need to buy one from us, and therefore the drawer is not included when you order a bin. However, if you do need to buy one, you can add the correct sized drawer for your bin system, on the same webpage that you buy your bin.

NB The Pullboy Z with Legra Box bins have the Legra Box drawer INCLUDED with the order for the bin.

Step 7 – This step is for customers with pull out framed doors only. If you door has thin wood in the centre , you can add some Framed Door Fixing Brackets to your order. These allow you to fix the bin to the thicker part of the door, increasing the bin’s stability.